Who are we and what do we do? 

Our mission is to bring to you the very best baby products. We do this by surveying thousands of Australian families about the baby products they used, loved and would recommend. We then analyse the data and bring you curated lists of the best products, so you can shop smart for your growing family.

Who is behind our website?

Emily Stone is our founder but more importantly she is an accomplished baby product expert with a few encylopedia editions worth of baby product knowledge.

Emily also owns Babybee, Australia’s favourite online pram brand and is in the business of working closely with her customers to develop safe, stylish products that make #parentlife easier.

Emily has travelled globally researching, developing and testing baby products across international markets from Australia, China, Germany and the Netherlands to name a few. She’s fastidious about safety and quality. She also likes to settle in with some trashy reality television at the end of a long day.

Emily is also an active member of the Infant & Nursery Products Alliance of Australia (INPAA). In short: she takes baby products very seriously. When she’s not using them for work, she’s using them at home with her family.

Why does The Baby Edit exist?

The Baby Edit began as a solution to a problem. Emily was pregnant with her first child and shopping for baby products. She found the process of finding honest product reviews over-complicated, exhausting and near impossible.

She wished there was just one place on the internet that would tell her what she needed without a hidden agenda. No affiliate links. No sponsored posts. She hoped for an online destination that wasn’t influenced by advertising dollars when it came to baby product best-of lists and reviews. One that was anchored in research and facts. One that interconnected baby product experts and Australian families. A website you could always depend on when it came to shopping for your baby.

After mining the internet, Emily decided she’d create this elusive website herself and called it The Baby Edit. Her hope is that The Baby Edit will help expecting parents decipher the baby product world by curating you lists of the very best products out there by analysing real-world data.

What do you specialise in? 

Our specialty is strictly baby products. We do one thing and we do it well. We’re your resident baby product experts.

How is Babybee involved with The Baby Edit? I’m seeing some of their ads run onsite.

Babybee allows us to fund what we do, which is why you’ll see their ads run on our website. We worked with Babybee to survey 100,000 Australian families about the baby products they used, loved and would recommend. We used these results and data to build The Baby Edit, so that it accurately reflects what Australian families are loving in the baby product space.

To keep things super transparent and impartial around here, we do not feature any Babybee products in our Best of Lists or write reviews about them onsite.

What’s this about a survey of 100,000 Australian families you conducted?

Before we launched The Baby Edit in February 2022, we surveyed 100,000 Australian families about the baby products they used, loved and would recommend. We asked for their honest feedback. We analysed the results.

Using this data and some maths, we identify the best products in each baby product category as ranked by our impartial surveyed parents. We then build content around this data that helps make shopping for your baby a breeze.

Do you buy products or receive samples when testing?

It’s mix of both. We purchase products and on occasion request a sample product from the supplier to impartially test. No one can pay to be onsite, have their product review or pay for a positive review. We test and review all products onsite impartially. When we were shopping for our own families, we found it hard to distinguish and find honest baby product reviews online, which is why we take great care when writing our own.

What’s your editorial policy?

Brands and retailers cannot pay to be featured on The Baby Edit.

Our BEST OF lists are determined by our survey results. As mentioned we survey thousands of Australian families about the baby products they used, loved and would recommend. We use these insights to build our content.

Our individual product reviews are written by Emily and our team of real parents (who happen to be baby product experts) for parents. Products selected for individual review usually come from our BEST OF lists.

Occasionally we’ll review a product outside of these lists if one of our parents have been using it independently and we believe it will help make parenting a little easier.

We will always exclude Babybee products in our BEST OF lists or do not write reviews about Babybee products.